The Travelers Need to Know about New security

Traveling with ESTA? New security measures are in place for flights to the US Before departing, remember to charge your electronic devices. 6th July 2014 the US territory aviation agency TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has announced that all electronic devices with their battery low will not be allowed in flights departing for the USA.


Visa Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Program According to US immigration law, the Visa waiver program (VWP) does not compulsory civilian of certain countries to obtain a visa when visiting the US. Those wishing to ESTA USA TRAVEL who are citizens of one 38 eligible countries likes New Zealand, UK Australia and much more


Preparing the arrival in the United States

Preparing the arrival in the United States unless you hold a passport from Canada and Bermuda before you arrive in the USA ESTA you must fill out an immigration form. There is a white I-94W of those entering under the Visa Waiver Program Most of the daily visitors arrive by ESTA USA .

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