Apply B Visa to the USA

Usually Most of the visitors or tourists are going into the United States with the help of B visas. A portion of the recorded nation workers get B visas Under Visa Waiver Program. The B visas specially saved for visitors who are going by for temporary purpose. It doesn’t have any numerical impediments like a H-1B visa, so anybody can get rapidly. There are two sorts of visas called Tourist visa (B-2) and Business (B-1) visa, both are under non-immigrant visitor visa category so Apply ESTA online here.


B-1 Visa is a business visa for temporary purpose. Most of the business owners who have plans to start a business or perform a business task or business conference apply this B-1 Visa also contact ESTA US Embassy.

B-1 Visa is a traveler visa most of the tourists who come to the holiday vacation, excursion, special night, restorative treatment or visit their relatives in the USA through ESTA Immigration USA.


The visa main intention is the visitor is entering into the United States with pleasure and get back to the home country after finishing the task but pay some ESTA Fee.

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