From Foreign Travelers, US Government Collecting Social Media Information

Visitors submitting visa waiver application are precipitated to enter account names for social platforms, but activists say there are few guidelines for use of statistics. The United States government has started asking select foreign vacationers to disclose their social media activities as part of an increased effort to identify potential terrorist threats.

The request features as an activate on the online electronic device for travel Authorization and make online Electronic System for Travel Authorization, a visa waiver application that many visitors are required to submit earlier than visiting to the united states. The selections include platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, and extra area for candidates to enter their account names on the ones web sites.


The Customs and Border safety, which began the program ultimate week, has formerly stated it wouldn’t limit access to foreigners who didn’t provide their social media account information.

The government has faced a barrage of complaint because it first floated the idea closing summer. Privacy rights activists say there are few guidelines approximately how the information, once obtained, is used or shared with other groups.

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