The Specific Reasons for Refusal of the ESTA Authorization

All ESA authorization applications submitted to the USA authorities are not automatically validated. The ESTA application is in reality not relevant for site visitors from countries not affiliated to the VWP program that desire to tour to the United States. Even the ones citizens from a member country of the VWP program can have their Electronic System for Travel Authorization programs refused which is the case for the ones wishing to increase their live on American territory beyond 90 days.

The authorization in reality only issues go to that don’t exceed 90 days.


Applicants whose private information on their passport does not match that stated at the ESTA application form could have their tour or transit ESTA US Embassy to the USA refused. This is also the case for the ones candidates who use a brief or expired passport.

Additionally, if the ESTA USA Visa Application Online Form is not completed as told then the application can be refused. The questions requiring a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer have to not display any notes or reasons.


It should be mentioned that sure personal records certain on the ESTA USA Visa Application Online form can have an impact on the choice of the government. that is the case for applicants suffering from contagious illnesses, overseas residents that have committed criminal acts or those suspected of being implicated in possible acts of terrorism. Apply ESTA fitting these profiles also can be prohibited get right of entry to to the United States.

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