Basic ESTA US Visa Requirements and Processes

There is no doubt in that the number of people travelling in a country is one of the major concerns for the security of the country. This has actually lead to the government thinking about the various steps that they should take in order to create the few basic rules and regulations that will help them keep their country safe.

One particular thing that is definitely checked with is the Visa that is actually a permit that allows people travelling from one country to enter and stay in the other. The procedure of obtaining a Visa is often tough as it is done with extreme scrutiny.

The ESTA Visa:

This particular Visa is different than that of the normal Visas. There are only few countries that do not need requirement of a Visa to travel in or through the USA. These countries still should have at least one of the permits in order to ensure that the safety of USA is in control. The ESTA Visa is the permit being talked about here.

This particular Visa is also known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorization and makes sure that the people belonging to the list of countries from the Visa Waiver program are definitely eligible to visit United States of America.


ESTA Visa requirements:

The following are the ESTA USA Visa requirements that the people should know about:

  • Valid passport: These people should definitely hold valid passport in order to get through.
  • No other Visa: These people shouldn’t be possessing any other visitor’s visa at all.’
  • Valid reason: The reason should be valid and convincing enough for the authorities to believe in.
  • 90 days criterion: People should make sure of the fact that they are going to stay for around 90 days or less.

After fulfilling all these conditions people will have to ESTA USA Application Online Form with the online application form that is available in the site. After that they should submit the form and clear the payment. The charge is around $14 and they should have a valid payment option for the same.

They should have all the necessary proofs along with them like the passport number and contact details. After the procedure is complete. People will get a mail stating the result of their Apply ESTA USA Online Application within few minutes to the most of 72 hours.

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