Massacheuttes Tourist Destination

Massacheuttes is famous for some of the bizarre things that it is having at this place which most of the people miss out.  With the other tourist destinations, don’t miss out these 2 bizarre attractions in Massacheuttes.


  1. Rockport paper house, Rockport

Have you ever experienced living in a house where most of things are made of paper?  If not, then visit this house at Rockport to experience this. In this house except the roof, floor and the frame, all the things are made of paper which is known to be a good insulator.


  1. Echo bridge, Newton

This bridge is weird due to its structural design. Built over the hemlock gorge, the sound produced under the bridge can echo for about 25 times. Visitors are allowed to visit the bridge and they can also experience this special acoustic phenomenon from a small platform under the bridge.

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