Travel To The American Science Centers

Science is always a zone of curiosity for human beings. The United States of American stands as the hub of the world’s best known Science Centers. People travelling to the make sure that they plan to visit at least some of the science Museums on the tour. For people a visit to America is incomplete if they don’t see the Kennedy space Center. But there are more important science centers that people must visit apart from Kennedy’s. The top 6 among them can be listed below with their location and science work taken up.


The COSI Columbus in Ohio

The Ohio center of COSI provides with around 300 science exhibits. This science center is built keeping the kids in mind. There is plenty of room for the kids aging 5-7 years to play in the center, starting from the barns. Get a demonstration of space in the Planetarium present here.



The Californian Exploratorium, San Francisco

This is a place targeting both young and grownups. The center has 6 galleries giving an exhibit of about 600 science works. This is unique in having an exclusive shop of machines. Other famous attractions can be flying in the zero-gravity machine or making huge bubbles.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization applications may be submitted online, it is mandatory at any time prior to travel to the USA. If you have had a VISA ESTA USA before or previously traveled to the United States.

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