Enjoy USA Road Side Attraction

USA has various road side attraction which people may fall in love with very easily.

  • Mount Rushmore: Almost everybody knows about this place of course. Mount Rushmore is of course one of the major attractions for the people. This place is so famous, that almost everybody in the world knows about this. Located in South Dakota, the Granite stones were carved out. Of course it is so very famous because the sculptures featured the presidents of America.


  • Foamhenge: These are the foam blocks that are actually a replica of the Stonehenge. This actually is situated in Virginia and definitely attracts the people in best ways.


  • Carhenge: This is another replica of the Stonehenge. Only this time it is made of the cars. These are old cars and are 38 in numbers. They absolutely make the best of the attractions. It is situated in the Alliance region of Nebraska.


  • Lucy The elephant: This is an architecture situated in New Jersey. It is around 65 feet in height. Also, it is around 130 years old. People can climb it up for the view of the Atlantic hotel of course.


  • Enchanted highway: This place has about seven structures that are made from scrap metals. They acts as the best attractions that the people can actually come across with.


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